We have moved to a temporary location - Tony Doyle's Bus yard, Kilpeddar, Wicklow (which was the old SM Morris yard) just off the N11 at exit 11.

Phone and contact details remain the same as will operations and deliveries with the exception of greenwaste disposal service - we are currently unable to accept greenwaste.

The Christmas Tree Farm Carrickmines in Aid of LauraLynn Children's Hospice

20th November

Dublin’s best Christmas Tree farm is open from 29th November - we have carefully selected Irish grown Noble Fir and Nordman trees from certified Christmas tree growers.

The profits after costs are donated to LauraLynn which is approx. €5 per tree.

Christmas trees available 2ft to 20ft.

Come down and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine available to all our Customers for this special family occasion.

Look forward to seeing you there! Located in Carrickmines Retail Park, off M50.

J.D.’s Garden Diary & Blog - The Wicklow Way

27th June

Tip! Remember in the warm weather – Water, Water, Water!

Earlier this month I planted out peas from the polytunnel on to a frame in my garden. Pods are starting to fill up and mature and they will be ready in 3 weeks time to pick, pod and eat. Peas have a great sweet taste because of their high sugar content. However just a few hours after picking, the sugar starts turning to starch so it’s important to shell and cook the peas immediately after harvesting them. Or you can eat them raw of course. I have some French Beans and Runner Beans planted in the garden too in enriched topsoil. They have yet to flower, am hoping that the beans will come on them in 3 – 4 weeks time.

Garden Peas

Potatoes are doing fine – it will be August I before dig them up. And we ate our first cabbage head of the season for dinner yesterday, very tasty. I also have two different types of carrots planted. Unfortunately some greedy slugs ate the initial carrot plants and I had to re-plant them – thankfully second time lucky and all growing fine. My campanula flowers are blooming beautifully. Campanula flowers need good moist, but well-drained garden soil, with plenty of organic mulch mixed through. They are excellent quick spreading perennials and will continue to flourish.


Cabbage Plant


News from Landscape Providers

29th May

Landscape Providers are delighted to sponsor Show Garden 12 - 'Breathe Life into your Garden' at Bloom. This show garden encourages you to 'Breathe Life Into Your Garden' with beautiful flowering plants to attract pollinating insects, birds and small animals. It shows methods of re-using old building materials making an attractive pathway and a useful wildlife observatory. It highlights the link between healthy garden soil and producing food for plant and wildlife. Most of all this garden shows how you can achieve all this environmental benefit and still have a beautiful garden for you to enjoy.

6th May

Tip! Deadheading your daffodil flowers before the seed pods form will help your bulbs produce more healthy flowers the following year. When flowers go to seed the plant puts all of its energy into ripening the seed at the expense of root and leaf growth.

The last month of warm weather has been an extremely busy time in the garden. Last week I sowed half a dozen ballhead cabbage plants and cauliflower plants in the polytunnel by digging a trench in the raised bed with plenty of farmyard manure which is great for vegetables. The cabbage and cauliflower plants generally look after themselves with very little work. They require water every 4 – 5 days and then should be ready for my dinner plate in August.

I sowed spinach plants about a week ago too - noticed yesterday that they are starting to come up. The organic slug pellets that I've scattered around the soil should deter the slugs from feeding on my seedlings.

With the recent calm weather I was able to put up a new, strong plastic cover on the polytunnel. John brought down a load of topsoil from Landscape Providers, and spread it around the base of the plastic to weigh it down and make the whole structure very sturdy.

Tomatoes are always a great crop to yield plenty of juicy fruit. I have just planted Roma and Money Maker varieties in a grow bag. The soil was prepared by mixing in organic compost. It is important to water the tomatoes plants regularly when in a grow bag, and to make sure that you ventilate the polytunnel or greenhouse to reduce the risk of pests and disease. Water little and often for best results. The tomato plants were very kindly provided by a customer of Landscape Providers.

Tomato Plants


J.D.’s Garden Diary & Blog - The Wicklow Way

14th April

Tip! Have you ever noticed that when daffodils grow in big clusters that they do not flower too well. Suggest you take the daffodil flowers up every 4 – 5 years and separate out the bulbs to help them get healthy again.

Tip! Do not mow over your daffodils until the green leaves are fully rotted back into the ground. The green goodness goes down into the bulb and feeds it lots of nutrients for the following year.

Now that the weather and ground temperature has thankfully started to warm up it was possible to sow British Queen potatoes last week. I had intended to sow them in March but it was too cold and wet. Will also sow Kerr Pinks, Golden Wonders and Rooster potatoes this week in raised beds. Potatoes will be ready to dig up the first week of August all going well. Also planted some shallot onions and onion sets a week ago. They are starting to sprout but a mouse keeps pulling them up so each day I push them back down again. Lucky the mouse does not eat them!

Hopefully by end of April the ground will be warm enough to sow spinach in the garden polytunnel. The spinach will be ready to pick 5 – 6 weeks after it starts to grow and will go straight from my garden into a healthy and delicious salad. Unfortunately the polytunnel was damaged in the windy weather. It is being re-constructed at the moment but a calm day is needed to put up the plastic again. Cabbage will be planted during the month of May. I usually sow the cabbage from small plants available in my local garden centre. When the ground warms up further it will be time to plant Little Gem lettuce. I had some last year and it was really tasty. It is still too cold to sow carrots, in previous years there were sowed early and then had to be re-sowed 2 or 3 times, lesson learnt!

This lovely young rhubarb has just been picked, perfect to mix up up with apples for tarts and crumble.


These daffodils were sowed many years ago and are still doing really well. The varieties planted include a double daffodil which has two flowers to each stem.


Tulips are doing great in garden pots too. These tulips were planted 3 years ago and they have been flowering very nicely ever since. Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs. The bulbs should be planted in autumn before the ground gets cold and hard, and then watch them grow and bloom when the weather turns warm in the spring.

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